Sunday, 5 July 2009


We would like to say a huge Thank - You to everyone that turned up to the last PBJT. And especially to those who dragged their athletic arses out of bed to join in on Ghetto Sports
Day. A lot of Fun was had. And a big Thanks to the PBJT Team for the prop making and
cheer leading. Our Wonderful Celia used her Photo Box to catch the whole day, Where we
later moved on to the Lock Tavern where the fabulous Meneo - joined us as our surprise guest and rocked on staged then rested his dick on our laps after...NICE!
ColouringIN were also amazing on stage and Henry left a few broken hearted girls behind in Camden that night for sure! Miss Odd Kidd, Alpow, Lesser Panda and Tiger Smashed it on the decks and left us all wanting sooo much more........

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