Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Blog Hack....

Sorry for any disruption in my blog over the past week... I was hacked into but all is well again... pheeewwww! Celebrate with me:

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

What do I want? LAZER TITS! When do I want them? NOW!

I stumbled onto this funny little blog the other day! Who would have thought that nipples could ever be so cosmic and neon! " LAZERTITS looks into the past and changes the future one broad at a time. What will YOU say when your kids ask where you were during the revolution? Don't burn your bra, BLAST IT!!!" Keep your eyes open for the much awaited Lazer Tits Tees! Oh My!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

This Thursday is ....

And I will not only be playing with the fine ladies that are NAOMI// and SPECIAL K, very special guest JOYCE MUNIZ will also be making an appearance. I was up last night until the wee hours listing to Miss. Muniz's AMAZING mixtape, dancing like that person that you know that dances like a twat when their twatted, and all you can do about it is try to ignore the BIG fricking dancing twatty elephant in the middle of the room, well... it turns out that it is just a side effect of hearing a damn good mix and not quite knowing how to handle it. Check it out... there is soo much hype about it! Disobelle featured it back in Feb.

DJ Joyce Muniz - Carnaval Mixtape 2010 by MANRECORDINGS

Click on this to be directed to Girlcore's event page.

Monday, 22 March 2010

No Time For TV?

Well maybe you'll have some time for this Easter mash up of a night?

April sees the take over of central london's Two Floors' basement,which will become an Easter haven with a mexican twist....enter The Easter Egg Pinata!...
Expect some Easter bonnets,mexican moustaches,goodie bags and some free shots for good measure! Finely selected for April they have Chesus and Rodski,the Welsh wonders who are currently emerging as 2-steps promising talent (soundcloud C.R.S.T), and none other than the Captain Magic herself of Peanut Butter Jelly Time fame who' little short of turning the dancefloor into a sea of bouncing booties in an instant, accompanied by the party's creator Rushmore who will consistently set the standard. Celebrate this Easter with No Time For Tv and you will be sure of a happy ending!

Friday, 19 March 2010

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs caught in a screen...

I blogged about this project some time ago... Check it.... The special KiKi Spangles makes her debut appearance!

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Whaaa..... SICK!

I was just checking out Ikonika's Myspace page when I stumbled across this live video of her in action... Check her next week the 26th of March @ The Rhythm Factory.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

I've got a Plump Bisquit...

Femme En Fourrure - Plump Bisquit from miikka lommi on Vimeo.

Yes... Yes... Yes... All over this! Top Billin smacks your ass raw again... ouch!... Harder!... Not that bloody hard!... I've got sit on this all day!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Setting Me Free

Hot City is probably one of the best up and coming producers at the moment.Hot City are making beats that are influenced by speed garage vibes and classic house stings and vocals, and to top it off the guy knows how to do a bitching music video too! I can't wait to see him next at the coronet on the 7th of May. Here is the Setting Me Free video.

Hot City – Setting Me Free from Matt Brown on Vimeo.

Butlins is the new Berlin...

...Or at least it was for one weekend! I went to Butlins in Minehead last weekend for BLOC and although I was gutted like hell to have missed Salt N Pepper, It was still an amazing weekend where I got to see the likes of Congo Natty, MJ Cole, Anti Pop Consortium and sooo much more! After spending a few hours getting down some M.C. Hammer moves to Girlcore's set, we headed to the beach and watched the sun come up, we then went on a funfair ride galore, this is when it dawned on one of us.... Butlin's is the new Berlin! Ha, Ha, But in all seriousness the highlight had to be Derrick May's set on Sunday night, then having the wonderful Hayley take us back and cook us all pie and chips and baked beans, that's how you do Sundays guys! Here are a few gems that remind me of BLOC...

Derrick May - Strings Of Life .mp3

Found at bee mp3 search engine

Until next year Butlins....

Thursday, 11 March 2010

This is what Peanut Butter Jelly Time looks like....

When you take it to Stoke Newington and play dress up with your DJ's... Mind you not everyone was a fan wearing clothes this night...

All pictures are courtesy of Jonangelo Molinari.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

OMG... You still shop for records... why?

Uhh.... because they are fun to throw at peoples faces? NO, because aside from some of my most favorite artworks being printed on the medium that is a sleeve, I find it so much more fun then DJing on CD's and it means I get to sit in Rough Trade West all day long listening to some really good tunes! Today was that day for me! I was left feeling all inspired to dust off my records after The Boston Crab bought back the most bitching record for me from Mexico City last Friday. After giggling like a 8 year old girl after being asked if I liked Doo Doo Brown, It was then explained to me how much of a mega tune it is... and IT IS... ENJOY!... Thank you Jezebelle!

That was fucking fun....

Thanks to everyone who made it down to PBJT last Friday! Mica smashed it with her old school garage set as did the Boston Crab, Paul Sethi and the wonderful Mentsh who didn't get to play nearly enough dance-hall as we would have liked! Still ... loads more pics to come later this week all courtesy of Jonangelo Molinari.

Monday, 8 March 2010

You make me nervous....

This is possibly one of the most entertaining cool as fuck bands I have ever seen live, It's Gravy Train!

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

'Mentsh' is the Yiddish-origin word meaning 'a real human being'--a person who combines kindness, responsibility, and dignity.

Also known as The Mentsh wrestler from the party masters that be, Greco-Roman Soundsystem - whoareplayingthisFridayatPeanutButterJellyTime *smoothh you say, yeah!*. I dropped him an email earlier today and asked him to answer some pressing questions that desperately need to be answered. Check it out...

C.M. Favorite type of party?

M. A dinner party

C.M. Best party you have ever been to?

M. It would have to combine elements of Stevie Hypers memorial rave Camden palace 97, Kirstens Dunsts house party, Panorama Bar in Berlin, my 8th birthday party in elmers court and all the Greco-Romans that have ever taken place.

C.M. What is your favorite tune/act at the moment?

M. Fantan Mojah - Hot on the Prison Break Riddim it reminds me of Arrow hit from the 80s but obviously a lot cooler

C.M. Funniest thing to have ever happened at a Greco-Roman Party?

M. The Boston Crab waking up after a power nap, dancing on a table then falling into a wall and destroying it.

C.M. Haaaa, I remember that, I still cry from laughing when I look at that wall!

C.M. What is next for Greco-Roman?

M. Berlin next week. and then a special party May 22nd in London.

C.M. If you could be reborn as any hip hop act who would it be, and why?

M. Biggie smalls is the illist

C.M. Have you ever tried PB&J Sandwich? Did you like it?

M.No i am looking forward to trying one for the first time on friday.

Email names for the £5 Guestlist to

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

P.S. "Have you listened to my new mixtape yet?"

C.M. "No not yet sorry, I haven't had time I'll listen to it tomorrow!"

2 days later....

P.S. "So, what did you think of my mixtape"
C.M. "Uhhh, I promise I'll listen to it tonight before I see you!"


C.M. "I love this song! I have never heard this remix before, It's really good!
P.S. " Well you'd have heard it if you'd listen to my new mix like you promised"
C.M. "Ummmmm..... sorry, I will listen to it, honest!"

I finally got over being a shit and listened to it and it's REALLY GOOD, In fact so good that I asked Sethi if I could share it with all of you and he said yes! Isn't he nice!

Click below to download.

Paul Sethi Club Mix

Over the last 15 years Paul has plied his wares at innumerable clubs, bars, concerts and parties worldwide. His sets are high octane, jacking and all over Phun and never fail to blow apart the dance floor. Check out the mix if you want to know what to expect... But actually do it! DO IT!

Shake and Pop with Carlton...

This has to be the coolest kid in the history of marketing! A 100% safe Breakin and Popping kit! Mummm.... Daddd..... Pleases can I have one? I'll clean my room I prooomise, pretty pleeease?

Thanks Beeny!

Monday, 1 March 2010

Most Definitely Hooked...

...on this song, Check him on the 15 April in London's Shepherds Bush Empire. I'm waiting in line already!
Download here:

Send Me That Love

This Friday Its Peanut Butter Jelly Time and we are going to have the lovely Mica from Micachu And The Shapes DJing a very special garage set. A little while a go I asked Mica what her ultimate love song was and she responded:

"It's probably this"

"Its reggae in 3/4 like a waltz with xzylaphone in it.
beautiful song, but also this"

"best vocals ever!"

So draw your curtains, let the sun burn your eyes and Bob Marley make love to your ears! Email : for address and guestlist.