Wednesday, 3 March 2010

'Mentsh' is the Yiddish-origin word meaning 'a real human being'--a person who combines kindness, responsibility, and dignity.

Also known as The Mentsh wrestler from the party masters that be, Greco-Roman Soundsystem - whoareplayingthisFridayatPeanutButterJellyTime *smoothh you say, yeah!*. I dropped him an email earlier today and asked him to answer some pressing questions that desperately need to be answered. Check it out...

C.M. Favorite type of party?

M. A dinner party

C.M. Best party you have ever been to?

M. It would have to combine elements of Stevie Hypers memorial rave Camden palace 97, Kirstens Dunsts house party, Panorama Bar in Berlin, my 8th birthday party in elmers court and all the Greco-Romans that have ever taken place.

C.M. What is your favorite tune/act at the moment?

M. Fantan Mojah - Hot on the Prison Break Riddim it reminds me of Arrow hit from the 80s but obviously a lot cooler

C.M. Funniest thing to have ever happened at a Greco-Roman Party?

M. The Boston Crab waking up after a power nap, dancing on a table then falling into a wall and destroying it.

C.M. Haaaa, I remember that, I still cry from laughing when I look at that wall!

C.M. What is next for Greco-Roman?

M. Berlin next week. and then a special party May 22nd in London.

C.M. If you could be reborn as any hip hop act who would it be, and why?

M. Biggie smalls is the illist

C.M. Have you ever tried PB&J Sandwich? Did you like it?

M.No i am looking forward to trying one for the first time on friday.

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