Tuesday, 23 March 2010

This Thursday is ....

And I will not only be playing with the fine ladies that are NAOMI// and SPECIAL K, very special guest JOYCE MUNIZ will also be making an appearance. I was up last night until the wee hours listing to Miss. Muniz's AMAZING mixtape, dancing like that person that you know that dances like a twat when their twatted, and all you can do about it is try to ignore the BIG fricking dancing twatty elephant in the middle of the room, well... it turns out that it is just a side effect of hearing a damn good mix and not quite knowing how to handle it. Check it out... there is soo much hype about it! Disobelle featured it back in Feb.

DJ Joyce Muniz - Carnaval Mixtape 2010 by MANRECORDINGS

Click on this to be directed to Girlcore's event page.

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