Tuesday, 2 March 2010

P.S. "Have you listened to my new mixtape yet?"

C.M. "No not yet sorry, I haven't had time I'll listen to it tomorrow!"

2 days later....

P.S. "So, what did you think of my mixtape"
C.M. "Uhhh, I promise I'll listen to it tonight before I see you!"


C.M. "I love this song! I have never heard this remix before, It's really good!
P.S. " Well you'd have heard it if you'd listen to my new mix like you promised"
C.M. "Ummmmm..... sorry, I will listen to it, honest!"

I finally got over being a shit and listened to it and it's REALLY GOOD, In fact so good that I asked Sethi if I could share it with all of you and he said yes! Isn't he nice!

Click below to download.

Paul Sethi Club Mix

Over the last 15 years Paul has plied his wares at innumerable clubs, bars, concerts and parties worldwide. His sets are high octane, jacking and all over Phun and never fail to blow apart the dance floor. Check out the mix if you want to know what to expect... But actually do it! DO IT!

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  1. is there a track list to this mix anywhere is f**King amazing