Monday, 19 April 2010


Straight from snowbombing, I hopped straight over to Paris to meet the lovely Naomi// for our Parisian weekend of music overload! Yes, It was the Institubes 7th birthday and boy do they know how to blow out all of the candles! We walked in on the Friday night to hear Douster turning the tropical room into and Amazonian rave up. So many people played over the two nights but the ones that really stuck out were the unstoppable Modeselektor who managed to soak a whole club with a Balthazar bottle of Champagne to celebrate the fact that they just bitched slapped us all with a killer set! TTC joined them on stage and played Dancing Box and 2000007, I ♥ed it! Das Glow played one of the most interesting sets I've seen in a very long time, his odd timing and quirky sounds was definitely a refreshing contrast to his electronic peers. Crystal blew my mind away! If you ever get a chance to see them I HIGHLY recommend it! This Japanese band have the most amazing visuals to compliment their cosmic crystal sounds, I felt like I was being teleported into a karaoke nintendo game, imagine this but bigger and longer.... Enjoy!

CRYSTAL "Initiative!" from Institubes on Vimeo.

Boyz Noize stole the show away though on Sunday morning, there were laughs and dances for joy and surprisingly loads of tears too... I had no Idea that Teki was such a heart breaker! Happy 7th Birthday Institubes, Many merry returns!


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