Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Yes, It was Snowbombing Festival last week and I headed over there with the lovely Clash Boys for what turned out to be a few days of hardcore J├Ągerbombing, Serious musical intake and some killer snowboarding bruises just to top it all off for good measure, If ever I thought I was hardcore, here I was proven sooo wrong! Whilst there I saw Crookers play an amazing set which saw a sea full of drunken Snowboarders booty bouncing with their freshly casted broken limbs! 2 Many DJ's played plenty of crowd pleasers with the most phenomenal visuals. Urban Nerds turned The Arcadia into their moody den of dub step grime with Benga playing a very entertaining set indeed, in which he mysteriously disappeared half way through his set only to re-appear 20 min. later... hmmm! But the highlight of the festival had to be The Black Rabbit party which saw Guy Williams play a banging Tech House set and made me not want to ever leave! I'll definitely be back again next year... A bit more mentally prepared though me hopes! I ♥ Snowbombing!

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